The Emerge Fellowship is a program that is being piloted here in Massachusetts. The Fellowship program is a 20 hour-per-week commitment to running the logistics of our six-month program. As a Fellow, you will contact candidates and trainers, and arrange location, food and curriculum for three to four training days.

The Emerge Fellowship program seeks to provide opportunity, training, and hands-on experience to young Democratic women who aspire to work in the political world. The goal of the Fellowship is to invest in the next generation of political actors while providing support for current organizations and candidates.

As an Emerge Fellow, you will be a part of a powerful and growing network of Democratic women who are committed to serving their communities through elected service.

The goal of the fellowship is provide you with the skills to run an entire training on your own, manage a political campaign, and provide significant support for a small non-profit by the end of your fellowship.

As a Fellow, you will provide significant support for an innovative, progressive, and rapidly expanding organization. You will have the opportunity to attend trainings and work directly with our Executive Director.

When your time as a fellow ends, you will leave with concrete organizing experience and be ready to join a pipeline of campaign managers for our alumnae who are on the ballot. Right now we have three fellows from Simmons College and one from Northeastern, but this opportunity is open to anyone.

Fellowship Core Responsibilities

Your first and foremost responsibility as an Emerge Massachusetts Fellow is to create and implement three to four days of the Emerge Massachusetts Six-Month Training Program and to support other fellows as they implement their days of training. This includes:

  • Securing a location
  • Communicating frequently and honestly with the Executive Director on your progress and needs
  • Directing and managing supporting Fellows
  • Supporting and helping other Fellows manage their training days.
  • Managing the training, including introducing trainers, keeping the training running on time and creating a productive learning environment
  • Following up from the training, including thanking panelists and trainers and consolidating evaluations
  • Preparing for the training, including procuring materials and setting up the training space
  • Ordering food within budget
  • Inviting, confirming and organizing materials from trainers and panelists

Resources for Emerge Massachusetts Fellows

  • Training Audit: As a Fellow, you will observe almost the entirety of our six-month Emerge Massachusetts candidate training (a $1,000 value). Additionally, you will have the opportunity to audit our intensive Boot Camp (training for women actively running, a $750 value) and any Women Organizing to Win Workshops.
  • Access to Events: As a Fellow, you will also be granted complimentary access to any and all events we host during your fellowship in exchange for volunteering at the event (at least a $150 value). Volunteering will be done in shifts so you will have the ability to mingle and network.
  • Access to the Executive Director: Of course, you will have nearly unlimited access to the Executive Director, her base of knowledge, and her network. If you ever have a question, concern, issue, comment or suggestion, she is the first person you should come to. Emerge Massachusetts is committed to your success in this role.

Opportunities Post-Fellowship

After a successful six months with Emerge Massachusetts, the Executive Director and Board will work to help you move on to your next opportunity. This could manifest as a strong letter of recommendation, an introduction, or a meeting. If you wish to pursue campaign work post-election, the Executive Director and Board will introduce you and recommend you to Emerge alumnae running for office in 2018.