Executive Director

Nina Liang

Nina Liang is the first Chinese-American City Councilor elected in her hometown
of Quincy.  Born in Quincy and raised by immigrant parents, she has experienced
first-hand the challenges minority children and families face.  Over the years, she
has had the opportunity to be a part of community organizations that work to
expand services to everyone in the city and those dedicated to addressing the
needs of those who are new to both the language and customs of American
culture.  Having worked as the office manager and in operations within her
family’s restaurant group, Nina also has the experience and perspective of a
small business owner, helping to create jobs and opportunity locally. As City
Councilor, Nina has worked to open the doors of government to every resident
ensuring that their voices and concerns are heard. She has served on the
boards of D.O.V.E, Maria Droste Counseling Services and Quincy Catholic
Acadey. She co-founded the Quincy Women’s Network, and currently serves on
the Thomas Crane Public Library Foundation and the State’s Asian American
Commission. Nina understands that it takes collaborative efforts to ensure that
government is representative of all of its people, and is invested in working to
increase the diversity of voices in elected office.