With students returning to college, Boston City Councilor Liz Breadon advocates for constituents’ safety in Allston-Brighton

Boston City Councilor Liz Breadon is worried about college students living off-campus and the potential spread of COVID-19. She represents Allston-Brighton, where a lot of students live.

The councilor sent a letter to the presidents of both Boston College and Boston University asking if students living off-campus will get the same medical benefits and quarantine opportunities as students living in the dorms.

“There is pretty stringent rules for on-campus behavior with regard to gatherings and mask-wearing, there is very little possibility of actually controlling those behaviors off campus,” said Breadon.

BU said all students whether they live on campus or off are required to follow testing protocols if they plan to be a part of the BU community. The university released a statement saying, in part:
“Students who must quarantine and isolate, whether on campus or off, will also be in regular communication with healthcare professionals who will continue to monitor their wellbeing.”

Returning students who live off-campus tell WBZ they plan to follow all the coronavirus guidelines.

“So I got tested on Sunday the results came back negative on Monday so now I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about being out and about,” said BU Student Jack Cruner.

BU Junior Ryan Lawrence said he actually feels safer in his own apartment. “I actually think it’s probably better than living on campus because I’m actually only living with two roommates so it’s much easier to just stay inside with two of them, whereas if I was living in a dorm per se, there’s thousands of people in the dorms,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence plans to map out a coronavirus plan when his roommates return. He said he’s just thankful he can resume his coursework in person.

BC declined to comment on the story.